Welcome to browndawg's highbrown society for programmers and sysadmins.


GNU/Lag doesn't have many rules you'd have to explicitly state. Don't be a dick, and you should be fine.

  • No CP (we'll report you to every three letter agency in existence).
  • NSFW content need not be marked. Please mark gore and such as NSFL.
  • No lurking.
  • No non-creative spam.
  • Don't post logs anywhere.
  • Don't sneeze whilst getting fingered.
  • No piracy or shady shit (.torrent or .onion). Network rules, don't look at us. You can talk about these things, but no links.

While the channel was mostly founded by members of another Linux channel, #gnulag is a general programming + sysadmin channel. You'll find a wide range of topics being discussed, including, but not limited to:

  • Anything other than Linux.
  • Communism, Capitalism, Anarcho-syndicorporalicapitalisticimperialism within closed communal tribes.
  • Music / Books / Movies / Anime / TV.
  • Drugs.
  • Computer Science and Programming.
  • Zygohistomorphic prepromorphisms.
  • Poor career decisions (ask whiteph, cheers and belzurix).
  • Bad Dragons (actually, dildos of all shapes and sizes).
  • Definitions of controversial words.
  • Religion, and the occult.
  • Life size Lennart Poettering cutouts with a hole where the mouth is supposed to be.
  • LGBQIA stuff, porn, and sexuality in general.
  • The existential threat of frontend web development.
  • The UNIX philosophy and how modern development is taking a giant shit on it how good Lennart looks in plaid.
  • Definitely not talking about inline skating.

Who do I ask for help?

  • browndawg | Richard-Stalin
  • crystalmett
  • iownall555
  • Zowlyfon | Z
  • A_Dragon | Roy_Mustang
  • AWindowsKrill | Volkor
  • MrNeon
  • TinyTimmyTokyo for Gantoo Lunix help or tips.
  • Lucifer | The Antichrist | The Prince of Lies
  • Anyone on the Suckless mailing list

In that order.

How do I register my nickname?

How do I use Snoonet?

How do I stay permanently connected to the channel?

  • /mode +j #gnulag, or google on how to set up autojoin in your IRC client.
  • Get a Snoonet BNC account (if you don't already have one), or set up a Quassel Core somewhere.
  • Alternatively, ping crystalmett or browndawg for an account on their server.

Can I ask for programming / unix help?

Yes. We're not an official help channel, but regulars will often help you out with technical issues if they have the time (and you're not a dick). If you're going to ask a question, make sure to include what you're doing and what you've tried so far.

How do I share images / files / text on IRC?

You'll have to host it somewhere, and share a public link. Imgur is a popular choice, but a lot of us use Teknik, and TransferSH.

For code or any arbitrary text really github gist is a good choice.

There are scripts and tools that can automate this for you. Ask on the channel.

Is this just #linuxmasterrace with porn?

No. Its #lmr with porn and commies, minus the [m]atrix lurkers. Not affiliated with the subreddit / channel..

Bots & Games

Here's the entire list of gonzobot commands.

We are running a n2n supernode for p2p connections. Refer to here for instruction on how to install the client (edge node), then connect with sudo edge -d n2n0 -c gnulag -k <insert secret password here> -l -a 10.255.88.<your ip number thingy here>

  • gameservers (game - port)
    • (minecraft - 25565) currently shut down. Can be resurrected
    • xonotic - 26000


To connect to the xonotic server get xonotic, start it, open the console with ~ and type connect You will need to reconnect on map change

  • browndawg: BTW he uses Arch Linux. Benevolent, fair OP. Has the power of JS rockstars AND normal rockstars. Vim ninja. Sometimes Always shits on streets. Wants to sex the benis Is as straight as he is white, and he's white AF.(LIES (allegedly)).
  • ix: Resident weeb and audiophile, doesn't like any guitar that isn't a telecaster. Patron of the occult. Not to be bullied.
  • xi: Author of our bot (vini). In a toxic relationship with baguettes. FreeBSD shill. Fuchsia shill. Writes segfaults in C that only compile on FreeBSD.
  • Zowlyfon: Resident chad, lifts. Haskell Shill. In a sexual relationship with his headphones.
  • whiteph: Plays Guitar. Really good at physics.
  • RadiantBastard: His job is to remove kebab and add chaos. Uses macOS like a fuccboi.
  • AndroidKitKat:ウィーブ, Pretends to understand Japanese, actually kinda understands japanese, wants to live in japan someday, dont fuck with my bio you morons, Resident weeb and connoisseur of all anime. Other resident fuccboi (seriously, MacOS bad). Possibly owns anal beads, freeballs it every once in a while, wants the longest bio to assert dominance over the other virgin bios, would also occasionally not turn down the notion of being a cute anime girl
  • pta2002: Idiot kid. Actually a genius. Plays plastic guitar, but would love to play actual guitar UPDATE: plays actual guitar too. Likes BSPWM, Fedora, and allegedly codes in Go in his spare time, only to complain about it afterwards. Has a crush on Link, no full half homo.
  • AB49K: Programs in an obsolete python version in the land down under, lives in shipping container. Has cute doggos. Will die of liver failure at age 30. Thongs wogs.
  • audron: Master of containers. Hosts a bunch of shit that constantly breaks. Somehow attracts segfaults.
  • A_Dragon: Resident nazi mod. Eats babies. Surprisingly good guy. Other resident furry. Ask him what his name stands for.
  • iownall555: IDK how this guy is network staff but I'm glad he is, wishes he was British. >Being a Britbong in $CURRENT_YEAR Also thongs wogs with AB49K in the land down under while preaching the good word of Richard M. Stallman, our GNU/Lord and Savior.
  • MrNeon: Resident commie. Sleeps with his socks on. May or may not use actual neon lights as dildoes. Connoisseur of incest porn.
  • Crocodillian: Resident weed smoker. Is into good music. Codes C (allegedly). Also has a history of Perl programming (which he regrets). Owns 420 core workstation that everyone's jealous of.
  • cheers: Sure is :( a lot for a cheerful guy. Accelerationist. Probably responsible for global warming (GOD DAMN IT CHEERS).
  • catbottom: Resident chink. Loyalty in question. Seen more in #lmr than #gnulag. Thinks your doggo is a snacc.
  • TinyTimmyTokyo: Resident gayboye, Gantoo Lunix nerd, and eternally sleepless lurker. (Allegedly) is somewhat good at coding in C++ and Shell. Has Golden Retriever doggo but likes cats (don't ask why). Chaotic evil regexer. Also resident furry. Into transformation porn.
  • za: Depressed Arch Linux boye, is weirdly into keyboards, and anime tiddies. He pretends to be an audiophile, and vapes.
  • justJanne: Genius. Never forgets a thing she reads. Resident data collection agency.
  • crystalmett: Turn-ons: OPSEC Turn-offs: [TRIPLE REDACTED AND BURNED FOR GOOD MEASURE]
  • digitalDiplomat: Goes out of his way to avoid conflict. Currently a Manjaro user because Arch is overrated. Is trying to popularize the .gvy file extension because .groovy is irritatingly long.
  • belzurix: Resident changeling. Communist sleeper cell (watch out for redzurix). Wishes to establish GNUSSR. Master of getting hw for free, suffers when needs to pay for something.
Regulars Emeritus :(
  • Tuxiee: Thoroughly missed. Hope she finds joy in life.
  • Jennifer-Lawrence: Actually a black man from rural Alabama. Would like to be an anime girl. Has 10 terabytes of encrypted hentai on his university's Google Drive. Only actually appeared to fucc ducks and bang dicks.

If you're regular, PM browndawg to get your name and description on here or send a PR to our github repo

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